About Our Company

Headquartered in Greenville, SC, GEM Mining is a privately held, institutional-grade Bitcoin (BTC) mining company. The company owns 32,000 miners and is 97% carbon neutral. GEM was founded by five partners, all of whom are members of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), with more than 50 years of executive leadership across various national and multi-national companies. Collectively, the partners have managed over $3 billion in investments and have executed multiple, profitable exits.

Why Invest in GEM Mining?

  • Investment Exposure to Bitcoin while Mitigating Risk
    As with other cryptocurrencies, volatility in Bitcoin remains high. Although depreciation in Bitcoin value is unpredictable, investing in Bitcoin mining is significantly more advantageous than simply holding Bitcoin long. For an investor in GEM Mining to have a 0% IRR after its 4-year investment, Bitcoin would need to drop 40% annually for an 87% total reduction. If an investor had held Bitcoin long during this same period, a $1 million investment would be worth $130,000.
  • Proven and Expert Management Team
    The partners of GEM Mining possess a strong track record of success within executive leadership, institutional capital management, and blockchain cryptocurrencies. This experience is vital within a complex and ever-changing Bitcoin marketplace.
  • Ability to Purchase Elite Mining Machines
    Due to silicon shortages and supply chain constraints, there are limited miner units available to purchase in the world. GEM Mining has secured close to $1 billion of miner capacity in 2021 and early 2022 due to its partnership with Core Scientific and Digital Currency Group.
  • Unique Investment Model
    Through Core Scientific, GEM Mining provides investors the ability to have best-in-class hosting facilities without the burden of owning and managing the facilities. Furthermore, by signing hosting contracts through the Bitcoin halving event in 2024, GEM Mining will mitigate energy expense increases and any shortage of hosting capacity.

Meet Our Team

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